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Cher Horowitz ([personal profile] notclueful) wrote2007-10-16 01:00 pm
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Room 415, Tuesday afternoon

Cher's room had exploded in clothes.

Not literally, since this was Fandom.

But most of the available surfaces were covered in clothes (that employee discount could be a bad thing) as Cher went through everything she had to plan out the most responsible-looking clothes for this weekend. Even if she didn't like it here and wanted her dad to see the way things were and drag her back to Beverly Hills, she didn't want him to worry.

So it was a nice little shock and disappointment when, while talking to her dad over the phone while she perused her wardrobe, he said, "I won't be able to make it this weekend."

"What?" Cher asked, dropping her very expensive Marc Jacobs shoes in surprise. "But you have to!"

"This case is going to trial on Monday. I can't be taking trips, Cher," Mel told her. "Maybe I can make a visit a little later in the school year."

Cher was having a bit of an inner flail. Yes, again. They were practically habit here. "But Daddy, they're scary here. You have to see it to believe it." And take me home.

"I wish I could, I really do. I just can't right now."

Stupid work. She knew how it went, but still, she was grandiosely disappointed. "Well, can I come there for the weekend then?"

"You've been there for a month and a half. You can't be making trips home all the time," Mel said.

"This isn't all the time, this is just once!" Cher protested. "And besides, these people are weird and they have family. I wouldn't even be missing any classes if I left Friday. We have this week off. Please? I haven't even complained about being here too much or anything!"

Mel paused, and Cher got overly excited that he was thinking about it. "You know if I see more than two suitcases for the weekend you're getting right back on the plane, right?"

"Four," she said.


"Deal. Eeeeeeeee."

"I'll get my assistant to buy the tickets. And this means you're actually spending some time at home. Not hopping around the party scene with Dionne all the time."

"I'll be good, I promise," Cher said, still squeeing. "Thank you thank you thank you."

And when Cher hung up not long after, this time she started planning out her wardrobe for a weekend back home.