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Cher had decided this entire place was weird, or either everyone was playing a colossal joke on her, which was so heinous she couldn't even believe. Either way, she kind of wanted to go home already. But once a flaily phone call to her dad had told her that wasn't happening- and she had actually been accused of making this all up!- and another flaily call to Dionne ended in her bff's flailing about something Murray did and an end note to remember, don't drink anything anyone gives you at the next party, Cher, she decided she was going to have to make do. Whatever didn't kill you made you stronger, right? Even if they were vampires and brain-eaters.

She set up her computer on her desk, which took a while, but she actually managed it without any help and she was completely stoked about that, and turned it on to make sure it worked.

Cher ended up staring at it for a while when she saw the date change to "September 2, 2007".

Once she'd finished staring, there was totally a shriek of "Two thousand and seven?!?!" coming from the open door of 415.

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